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Welcome to the Wholistically Well Center

We are a fully-serviced holistic center committed to total wellness.  Located in the greater Houston area as well as virtual care.

We provide instruction, support and services centered around mind, body, soul and spirit care.

We help you navigate every season of life holistically.

We build bodies. We build better community.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be Well. Be Whole.

We Look Forward to Working With You!

We are moving to a new location to-be-announced. Make sure you are subscribed to our community newsletter.

Hours: M-Fri 5am-8pm

Saturday 7am -2pm


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Navigating the Center

Health, Hope & Harmony Within

1. Consultation

We offer various consultations in counseling form.

Why? Our approach is functional; we want to enhance the total you. Our kind practitioners are skilled and experienced in various areas:


mental health

body image

2. Assessment

Based on your personal health/medical goals we will conduct a thorough assesment with you to determine protocols and measurable steps toward better health.

Some include

hormone testing

body scan

blood pressure screening

3. Relationship

We want our members and clients to feel cared for. You are not just a name you are a person. From your fitness instructor to the our front desk personnel you will feel seen, heard and embraced.

It’s all about relationship at WWC.

4. Customer Service

Two words matter most: member appreciation

Hospitality is our love language and communicating with you helps us know how you’re truly feeling.

What can we do to help your life become manageable, healthier and more enjoyable?

Be Well. Be Whole.

Restoring the Whole You.




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Wholistically Speaking Blog & Podcast

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The Importance of Exercise with your GLP-1 medication

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