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Wholistically Well is a virtual holistic center committed to total wellness.  We provide information with integrity, tools, articles and insight that will help you live well and whole mind, body, soul and spirit. 

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We are dedicated to providing you with resources that will optimize your well-being. 

We see through the lens of functional medicine, nutrition, spiritual enrichment and mental health support. Welcome to the information center.

Be Well and Be Whole,

Practitioner LaShanna L. Moore, Founder


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1. Consultation

Always consult with your physical/healthcare provider when your body is messaging pain and/or abnormality.

2. Assessment

We invite you to submit an assessment form if you are interested in non-medical advice for your discomfort.

3. Recommendation

We recommend each individual be knowledgeable about patient rights. We encourage you to be an advocate for your health and have someone authorized on your behalf as well.

4. Follow-Up

Never hesitate to follow-up with your healthcare professional when a protocol has been administered. Ask questions and feel confident in the method chosen for you.

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Holistic Spring Cleaning

Holistic Spring Cleaning

Spring can represent an awakening of your total self. Here's the definition: verb (used without object), sprang or, often, sprung; sprung; spring·ing to rise, leap, move, or act suddenly and swiftly, as by a sudden dart or thrust forward or outward, or being suddenly...

5 Decisions for Wholeness in Mind + Body

5 Decisions for Wholeness in Mind + Body

Hey Well + Whole family! So I did a podcast episode on this topic too so if you're interested in hearing this taught then take a listen to episode 43. Let me frame this conversation with the notice that 5 is not a magical number....

Who Knew It Was Menopause?!

Who Knew It Was Menopause?!

How did you learn about "the change"? That's what our mothers and baby boomer elders would call it. We know it to be menopause. That time in a woman's life where she is bombarded with a lot of unwelcomed company. There hasn't been a lot of public information provided...


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